Programs and Classes

Our classes are structured into the categories described below:

Creative Dance  - The Toddler & Mommy or Daddy

The Creative Dance program provides a unique early childhood experience that develops fine and gross motor skills, coordination, listening skills, spatial awareness and musicality.  It's a place for the toddler to bond with Mommy or Daddy throught the magical world of dance.  
Classes are offered in 10 week sessions throughout the year. 

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Pre-Primary children (age 3 - 4)  are introduced to dance with emphasis on nurturing the child's inherent joy for movement.  The class is structured in nature, yet, allows for the child to explore their vivid imaginations through the magical world of dance. 
In tune with overall learning the curriculum incorporates dance in ways that increases cognitive skills, sensory contrasts, musicality development, spatial awareness,  pathways of movement,  partnering, and so much more. The class utilizes most wonderful props - an all-time favorite is learning to galop by dancing with the colorful collection of hobby horses.

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Divided into 3 categories of study the students are introduced to the ABT ® National Training Curriculum. The students are taught ballet positions, exercises and the basic french terminology of ballet.  With each year of study greater emphasis is placed on articulation and assimiliation of movement with increased coordination, stamina and strength.  The Primary level of study provides a solid foundation of classical ballet while allowing the student to explore their own unique artistic spirit.    

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Students age 8 and older begin refining skills as they increase their physical, emotional and intellectual growth in the safe and solid foundation of the ABT ® National Training Curriculum. Femal e students in Level 2 begin pre-pointe work and in Level 3 are introduced to pointe work. Modern Dance, Character Dance and Conditioning / Pilates based are part of the program. Students in Level 3 and higher are required to make a more concerted commitment to the study of dance. Pre-Professional students train in Pas de Deux (partnering). .

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Beginner Ballet
introduces the adult student to the elementary positions of classical ballet including barre work, center work and across the floor.  the curriculum is designed to develop or hone the skills of greater physicality, posture and alignment, strength and flexibility, all the while studying the art form that dates back to the 17th century. 

Intermediate Ballet
this class is suitable for the adult student able to move easily through a ballet barre, center and across the floor work.  the pace of the class is quicker than the beginner level and somewhat more complex it is suitable for an adult returning to dance.    

High Intermediate/Advanced Ballet
this class is suitable for the adult student that has a solid foundation in ballet training with a secure technique and the capacity to keep up in a fast-paced class. the exercises are more complex and overall more demanding.  large movements, beats and pirouettes are executed in all the positions and directions.  

Ballet Workout Class
this unique fitness/workout class borrows floor exercises from ballet to assist the student to develop core muscles, firm gluts, contoured waist, sculpted legs and arms; while instilling proper posture and alignment to develop grace in movement, energy through increased circulation and physicality, and overall wellness.

to promote overall wellness and awareness the adult student will explore and move through yoga positions/poses to increase flexibility, balance, lung capacity, circulation and strength.  a yoga mat is required.


ABT Project Plié 

Carolyn Zettel-Augustyn is a Project Plié Partner Teacher. Project Plié Partner Teachers are ABT Certified Teachers that have committed to the mission of increasing diversity in the art form of classical ballet. The initiative started in 2013 and works to expand opportunities for students, teachers, and arts administrators currently underrepresented in the art form.

 Project Plié Partner Teachers are instrumental in the initiative through teaching master classes in Boys and Girls Clubs of America nationwide, identifying talented children for training, providing scholarships and support for identified children, and nominating teachers who work with diverse communities for scholarships for the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum Teacher Trainings. For more information on Project Plie, please visit:


Lectures and workshops such as; Anatomy For Dancers, and History of Ballet, based on Frank Augustyn’s, Television Series, Footnotes, The Classics of Ballet. Lectures and workshops are presented by professionals in their given field such as Andrea Ward, PhD, Frank Augustyn, Hon. Litt. D. (2003, Trent), Hon. Litt. D. (1979, York) Hon. LL. D., (1979, McMaster)

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To complement the overall training of a dancer CSB students present performances on a bi-annual basis. The higher level students are often awarded the opportunity to be coached in classical repertoire by Frank Augustyn, former dancer of internationally acclaimed status. Mr. Augustyn has danced all the major classical ballets in every major cultural city of the world. CSB has presented works such as, Bela’s Garden, Flower Fairies of Winter and classical repertoire from Nutcracker, Napoli, Esmeralda, Flower Festival of Genzano, Sleeping Beauty and Coppelia, to name a few.