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ABSENCE & ARRIVE ON-TIME                                                                                                                                                                                                                It is important that students limit their absences as training requires consistency.  Students with excessive absences (6 or more) may need to be placed in a lower level of study because they will be behind in their training.   Students are required to arrive 5 minutes prior to class-time.  Students in Level 2 and higher should arrive at least 10 minutes early to self-warm-up.   

Students with life threatening allergies or physical challenges must at all times have a parent or guardian on location.  The parent is to announce their presence to the teacher and, or administrative staff.   Medications will not be administered.  

Students are expected to be respectful to one another and to their teachers at all times.  Parents are asked to be seated in the waiting area.  Parents that bring siblins are asked to monitor their activities instiling the importance of proper waiting etiquette.  Running, loud noises, unruliness, roughness and the defamation of property or any inappropriate behavior is not allowed.                                                                                                                                                                                 Students that have lunches or snacks are required to disponse of their garbage in the appropriate receptacles. 

Students must wear the current uniform of the school.  Students out of uniform may be asked to sit-out of class.  
Uniform information is available upon registering.  

In the case of an emergency (fire or other) the teacher will escort and supervise the students outside of the building. 

Students dancing for lmore than 2.5 h ours are to plan for a healthy snack.  No sallty or sugar treats and for allergy reasons no products with nuts.  

Classical School of Ballet (CSB) is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  

Adelphi Uiversity Location -  Adelphi Security monitors the parking lot, should you receive a parking violatioin bring it to the reception desk on the day of of receive and we will lnet AU Security know that you are a member of CSB.  In the case of a University event occuring check for parking spaces near the Cambridge Avenue entrance.                      
Garden City Jewish Center Location - the parking lot entrance is on Newmarket Rd.  
Syosset, UKE Learning Cneter Location - follow the parking signs as posted.   

Students may be dropped off within 15 minutes of the beginning of class and may be picked up within 10 minutes of the end of class. Students must remain in the school waiting area until they are pickedc up by their parent or guardian.  

Classes are canceled when the school district of the studio location is closed or when Adelphi University closes.   
Students may make-up classes missed by attending a class at a lower or similar level of study, arrangements to be made in advance.  Six (6) make-up days for absences due to illness or a family emergency may be made-up by attending a class at a similar level of study, arrangments to be made in advance.  Students absent more than six (6) days may be asked to move to a more suitable level of study because they will be behind in their training. 

No food or drink is allowed in any studio area.                                                              
Dance bags to be kept in the cloak area or assigned area. 
Students should be prepared for class in uniform and waiting at the studio door for class on-time.
Students are to pick up any personal trash and dispose of it properly.

CSB students are not permitted to train or dance at schools outside of the studio in subjects of ballet, pointe, character or modern.  The reason for this is that the student may be given mixed messages of curriculum and approach. which will affect their progress.   Students wishing to audition for summer programs are required to discuss it with the school director in advance.  

Payments are required on time.  Playment plans are available for a sur charge. Checks ade payable to Classical School of Ballet LI.  Include the student's name in the memo on the check.  

 A fee of $15.00 per week is charged on over-due accounts.  Bank returned checks are charged a $50.00 and subject to the late fee of $15.00 per week.                   Failure to submit payments on time is cause for dismissal.                                                                                                                                                                         The signing of the Registration Form serves as a binding contract.                                                                                                                                                             No refunds.